About Bionise™

Bionise™ was formed by two business owners who have worked in the entertainment, events and hospitality industry for over 30 years. Mike Scott, the companies director of operations has years of experience with bio-fogging and has accreditation’s in basic microbiology and infection prevention and control. Alan the companies head of finance and resources was a natural choice as a partner because of his extensive contacts within the leisure industry. Although the company was initially formed to sanitise pubs, clubs and nightclubs after lockdown, demands for bio-fogging and specialist sanitation services has pushed the company to expand its operations into other sectors.

Based near Lockerbie with a supply depot situated just over the border in Carlisle, places us in the perfect position logistically to cover both North Cumbria and Southwest Scotland.

Bionise™ are not a cleaning company, we don’t scrub your floors, clean your windows or empty your waste bins. We are a specialised bio-fogging sanitation company, our job is to keep your premises as virus free as is possible with the minimum amount of disruption to your business.

As lock-down restrictions began to ease we found the prices of getting premises sanitised prior to reopening were increasing astronomically, some companies were charging up to £190 just to spray premises with a watered down bleach.

Business owners unaware of the differences between cleaning methods and the various types of cleaning agents available, were literally being taken to the cleaners by companies jumping on the Covid bandwagon charging exorbitant hourly rates for a less than satisfactory service.

At Bionise™ we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, we only use biocidal agents that have been tested to BSEN standards and our biocide delivery methods are both fast and effective. This means that we can be in and out of your premises with the least amount of disruption to your daily routine.

We have public liability insurance arranged specifically for carrying out bio-fogging procedures. Our staff are trained to a high standard in the use of chemical biocides, including; risk assessment, health and safety, use of electrical equipment, delivery methods as well as the correct use of PPE and RPE.

Our prices are based on the size of your premises, the type of cleaning agent being used and the time it takes to carry out the correct procedure to sanitise your premises.

We offer a discrete and friendly service and are happy to speak with you to discuss contingency plans in case of infection, which can then be used to form part of your Coronavirus emergency planning and strategy.