Supporting Hairdressers, Beauticians, Nail Bars and Tattooists

Customers want to feel safe when they visit your premises, and sometimes face coverings and hand sanitiser isn’t enough. Some need that extra reassurance that your premises are safe for them to visit.

Restoring public trust is not easy, but it is something that we can help you with. Our sanitation procedure is used after basic cleaning to disinfect and sterilise all hard floors and surfaces. This will leave your premises virus free, giving your clientele the extra assurance knowing that your premises are protected against the risks of cross contamination.

We do this by using a touch resilient barrier formula, delivered using one of our high velocity bio-fogging machines, we can guarantee that 99.9% of all bacteria, fungi and viruses are eradicated. Not only does this procedure leave your premises free of any pathogens, the bio-agent leaves a microscopic particle on the surface that acts as a barrier preventing further contamination. It even works against enveloped viruses such as the Coronavirus.

Our touch resilient antibacterial sanitiser is alcohol free, with advanced barrier technology, which means for a minimum period of 20 days on hard surfaces treated, will remain contamination free from any bacteria type that it has been treated against. It has been tested to kill 99.99% of a wide range of bacteria and has also been tested to be food safe.

The process takes approximately 30 minutes for an average sized salon or studio and costs less than you might think, we have appointments available in most areas that can be slotted in between clients, during lunch breaks or we could carry out the treatment after you close.

On completion of the works your premises will be issued with a certificate showing that the treatment has been carried out.