Keeping Public Transport Coronavirus Free

Restoring public trust in our transport system is an operators nightmare, no matter how clean it looks, or how many passengers wear face coverings while travelling, there is still a large number of people who do not feel safe using public transport.

One of the main areas of concern is cross contamination, who sat in that seat last? how many people have held onto that grab rail? were any of them infected? It’s the not knowing that is causing the concern.

This has not been helped by the recent extension of School estates in Scotland to include school buses, this extension means that children travelling on school buses do not have to wear face coverings or social distance. This has compounded the problem of public trust even more as many operators will use their coaches and buses for a school run then continue onto regular bus routes.

In some areas bus companies have contacted their local authorities and informed them that face coverings are a condition of travel, even on school buses unless the child is exempt, but unfortunately this has not been picked up very well in the press, leaving travellers worried that the bus or coach they are about to step onto has been full of school kids wearing no face coverings and possibly spreading the virus, which as we know can remain active on some surfaces for up to 72 hours.

Like many businesses bus and coach companies are feeling the effects of the pandemic and trust needs to be earned back if people are to once again feel safe on public transport.

Regular bio-fogging of your buses and coaches is one way to restore public confidence, and this doesn’t have to be a complicated or costly affair.

Bionise™ have special biocidal agents that can be applied after basic cleaning and sanitise a bus or coach forming a touch resilient barrier that is proven to remain effective even on fabric seat coverings.

Our bio-fogging procedure can be carried out quickly and efficiently and because we are using micro particles there is no long wait for surfaces to dry. We can even meet your transport on route if required, reducing downtime on your runs.

Once the bio-fogging process has been completed we will issue a certificate showing the bus or coach to be “Certified Coronavirus Free” this can then be displayed on the vehicle and ease the minds of passengers worried about cross contamination.

Independently Tested to BSEN Standards