Re-opening Sports Halls, Gyms and Leisure Facilities.

Many gym owners are working up a sweat trying to introduce new safety measures, cleaning regimes and social distancing rules to comply with government guidelines which have allowed their facilities to re-open.

But getting people back into training has proven to be a bit more difficult than simply opening the doors. Many are staying away because they are worried about catching the virus while working out, with most of the concerns being that of cross contamination.

We can help give your equipment an extra layer of protection by applying one of our touch resilient barrier solutions. This is applied after basic cleaning to disinfect all hard floors and surfaces and uses high velocity bio-fogging machines that release a fine mist of biocidal fluid. The droplets are small enough to hang in the air long enough to kill any airborne pathogens, and as the droplets land on the surface they kill any traces of the virus present leaving the surfaces infection free and protected against re-contamination.

Our antibacterial sanitiser is alcohol free, with advanced barrier technology, which means for a minimum period of 20 days on hard surfaces treated, will remain contamination free from any bacteria type that it has been treated against. It works by coating the surface with a fine layer of biocide that kills enveloped viruses on contact, and has been tested effectively in eliminating the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus.

Due to the additional risk imposed by heavier than normal respiration we would recommend that busy gyms apply the treatment fortnightly, this will give your members an added assurance when it comes to addressing their concerns regarding the risk of cross contamination.

On completion of the works your premises will be issued with a certificate showing that the treatment has been carried out.